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Why do you need a mobile-friendly website?

You need a mobile optimized website because people are browsing through phones now more than ever. You need a mobile friendly website. In fact we will go so far as to say that if your website is not mobile friendly then there is really no use of having a website. Since 2016 website traffic that comes from mobile phones and tablets have surpassed desktop.

Shows mobile traffic taking over majority of internet traffic since 2016
Statistics taken from Stat Counter Global Stats

“This should be a wake up call especially for small businesses, sole traders and professionals to make sure that their websites are mobile friendly. Many older websites are not,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, Stat Counter.

Our research also showed that mobile friendly websites are increasing for one other reason. This is because Search Engines such as Google are favoring mobile friendly websites for its search results. This is always the case for searches that happen through the phone.

What happens when your website is not mobile friendly?

When your website is not mobile friendly, people leave even faster than you think. Our research showed that after people click on an web page thats not mobile responsive, they leave within 2 seconds. The next second they go back to doing what they were doing before and completely forget about that interaction. It's almost as if they don't realize and the action is performed unconsciously. Today the consumers are very confidant that they can find another alternative within seconds. Therefore they are confidant and go on finding that product, even if it means sacrificing the better product due to slow internet speed.

In a survey that was done by Google in 2020 recently shows that

  • In 2013 mobile phones made up only 16.2% of world wide traffic

  • In 2019 mobile phones made up 53.3% of world wide traffic

  • More than 61% of your customers are likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly website

  • When people search using mobile phones, 96% of the people actually use

Shows combined traffic that took place from 2013 to 2019
Statistics taken from

So what really is a mobile friendly website?

These websites have a format that shows the content properly on the display. It does not matter the device you are using, the website should automatically adjust itself to the screen, making it easy for the visitor to read through and understand. A mobile-friendly website will be positive and easy for your visitors to navigate. Some important factors to note about mobile-friendly websites are:

  • Loads fast on mobile phones

  • Easy to follow up navigation

  • Touch friendly buttons

  • Perfect size texts that fits the page

Expand your reach using Mobile Optimization

When you make your website mobile-friendly that means you have automatically increased your customer reach that will take place over time. When you have a mobile website that automatically adjusts itself that means your website will be impressing visitors on all screens.

FREE TOOL to check the Mobile Optimization of your website

Now you can easily check if a website is properly mobile optimized. You can even check how your competitors websites are optimized using this FREE tool developed by Google.

Click here to check the mobile friendliness of your website

This test is really easy and quick to take. Simply type the website you want to check and click "Test URL" . The test results will also show you a screenshot of how your website looks from mobile phones.

Get a competitive advantage using proper Mobile Optimization

In the modern world, business has today become extremely competitive. In order to stand out from the competition that means companies will have to go above and beyond. They really need to look professional online and need to even make micro changes that will make huge impacts. Companies are trying to improve the buying experience for the customers to get the competitive edge.

Now you can get a competitive advantage using mobile optimization because our research shows that only 56% of the websites have properly mobile optimized websites. Even though the importance of such a website have been mentioned over and over again the changes are still not practiced. It's more like rolling out the red carpet for the customers. We have to welcome them to the website by showing a positive and strong user experience that shows you care. You can save them from being disappointed that they might have just faced from their competitors website. It's interesting because forecasts show that mobile sales will be accounting for upto 56% of the total web sales that takes place by the year 2021.

Main mistakes made in Mobile Optimization

Under estimating the power of speed

Speed is key in getting mobile traffic. You never really know where people are visiting your website from. It could be through a social media channel such as Facebook where someone finds it through their news feed. For some reason they decide to click on it and check. As mentioned before. What can put this user on a journey of buying is firstly getting them to the website as soon as possible. If your website has a slow load speed that means at least their should be a content that comes up during loading that gains the interest of the visitor.

Failing to have proper navigation

You should properly show the most important pages first. We should make it easy for the customer to find what they are trying to find. Realistically, most mobile users are just distracted users. Most of them are also multi-tasking while going through the site. They could be watching TV, running errands or even at work.

  • Image buttons actually make it very easy for users to navigate through the website.

  • Navigation bars that shows the website menu should be simple. It should not move left and right making the experience difficult for the user.

Not using proper call to action buttons

Since mobile users are mostly distracted users they need to be guided on what to do. You should show and direct them through the right usage of call to action buttons. Some examples include:

  • Learn more

  • Book now

  • Purchase Now

At the end of the day these buttons should be easy to spot. Do not make the visitor hunt for the buttons if they want to order, click to see directions of the store.

Not using content that is sweet and short

The content should be less, but it should deliver the exact message you want to deliver. You can communicate with your customer using other ways using design. For an example: Instead of saying you are professional, show them a professional website. Many people fail creating the perfect mobile site because they want to sell everything at once. However, this has been proven to make it difficult for the customer. Rather you should make the selling a journey while simplifying it. They should be provided information through out the process.


Real success in mobile optimization comes from putting the customer first. You will have to develop a unique and well mobile optimized website if you want to get major results.

Ready to make you a website that is more mobile friendly?


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