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Speed is Key in PC

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

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We all have trouble with our systems getting slower, and we usually blame its age and throw them out, but like your parents you can keep them around with a few steps. Even if it doesn’t become a beast of a system, if all goes well you can at least play the dinosaur game on chrome, sudoku or people who actually work. Now this won't help if all the components inside are fried. So, without further let’s get into it so you can mine sweep without freezing systems.

  1. Google Chrome So, this is very simple. Go to; control panel->Uninstall a program->Find chrome->Click Uninstall. All jokes aside chrome tends to feast on your RAM making your system slower, if you had RAM to spare you wouldn't be reading this would you. If you prefer the pages to load nice and slow in time for lunch break get internet explorer, or you know do the normal thing and get Firefox (not sponsored).

  2. Temporary Files Like all relationships that failed in a person’s life we delete these files that get made in Temp folder. It stands for temporary so feel free to release your anger of these files while deleting them. These get created when using a software tool in the OS (operating system) and then you suddenly close it. As for where these files, it’s quite simple press the "Windows key + R" then you type "temp" and search, delete all of those. These are minor changes that add up don't expect it to become like the day you unboxed it, age does take a toll.

  3. Prefetch Files Ever wonder how people name things, yeah, me neither but I do wonder how they came here. So, these files appear when booting your system or running application. It could be called delete for more system speed. Same process as the last one "Windows + R" and type “prefetch" and delete.

  4. Disk Cleanup Now I know the word cleanup doesn’t sound pleasing, but like cooking you clean the outside and inside. I know the metaphor doesn’t relate or make sense but cleaning the inside of your PC is important. You don’t want those cache files to stay there, throw them in the trash I say. So, to get to the disk cleanup go to my computer select C drive and right-click properties then select the disk cleanup option, select all the block and this will take the trash out.

  5. Browser Extensions: If you have this and getting performance issues, delete immediately. Keep a few as it does make life easier but it also tends to slow down the PC. The choice is yours.

Now If you have tried and you're still not getting the speeds you need. Well, accept it in life you have to learn to accept the stuff and make the most out of it, or you know get a new system and place the old one where it belongs. In our hearts, or so you thought nope straight to the trash.


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