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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Branding or Painting - Treewares

What is branding?

Branding is a marketing practice where a company creates a name, symbol or a logo that differentiates from others. This may be the definition of branding but there’s much more that goes behind to ensure things are done correctly. Designing a logo is branding, when u make strategies and make ad campaigns that’s branding and also when you drink coffee with people, that is not branding but if it’s to make our business come into light then it may be a pass. Branding will help your business become trustable depending on the quality provided. Almost everyone wants an iPhone, because it’s become a big trust-able brand that everyone knows. Now of course this includes several steps with right strategies backing it.

Why is branding important?

You may think to yourself why is branding important. We’ll let us give a very simple example, if a product has an ‘i’ in front of it you may have figured out the product belongs to Apple. That’s how strong branding can be if done right. Also, we know that the half-eaten apple also belongs to Apple. What we can take away from these points is, branding gives recognition, it also makes customers loyal to your product. For example, when a new iPhone is released people line up to buy it. That’s how loyal their customer base has become. Of course, nothing starts at the top, but people do like to try new and innovative ideas. Good branding is sometimes achieved best with professional help. As the strategies involved may or may not cross our head at first.

Final Thoughts

Branding is a great way to get recognition and make your way through this competitive market. It helps your business stand out and in some ways, become unique to your competitors. So, if you are hesitant on branding, we would suggest jumping right into it.


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